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The design of efficient financial or operational models is a task which, although it may seem simple, is very complex and may require a lot of time and effort.


A well-designed model and structured can help you among other things:

  • reduce your risk;

  • achieve your goals faster;

  • to increase the reliability of your decision-making tools.


It will be easier to make decisions and improve your results.

Financial modelling

Financial models can be very diverse. Examples of projects that we can do for you:

  • Dash board

  • Financial statements;

  • Budget and rolling forecast;

  • Analysis of projects and their impact on the financial statements;

  • Business plan;

  • Sensitivity analysis;

  • Scenarios;

  • Risk analysis (exchange rates, interest rates, etc.);

  • Monte Carlo

  • Portfolio optimization;

  • Interaction with the web;

  • Diversified macros;

Operational modelling

The business models are not financial models that are used to departments other than management.


For example:

  • Time sheet;

  • Billing;

  • Submission tool;

  • Inventory tracking;


These models can be good choice compared to the purchase of very expensive and in some case less flexible systems.

Models review

According to a study by Harvard University, about 90% of financial models contain errors. The review of your models improves the reliability of the information they provide and by extension allows to make informed decisions based on accurate information.

Exemples (only available in french)

For a better experience, it is preferable to adjust the video quality at 1080p.


1) Self-employed

The file present in the video below is intended for self-employed looking for financial structure. The file allows among others:

  • Replicate the T2125;

  • Allocate revenue and expenses by activity;

  • Estimate the tax liability;

  • Make GST / QST report;

  • Track customer accounts and suppliers;

2) 5-year monthly budget

This is a video for companies looking to forecast the next five years while comparing those forecasts with their actual results.

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